What I deserve !!!

Are you feeling stuck ? Like there is no way out.

Unhappy with the day to day life  and  career choice you he passion in what you do to make a living ? Not fulfilling you anymore ? To the point you dread each day{ in my situation not so much the work as the people I had to deal with .

Had a series of situations that seem like it is never going to end ? No matter how hard you tried or what you did something always seemed to go wrong. Then all of a sudden had one major event that was the last straw ? Before you know it or even have time to think it is  like  the detonation of a bomb! You react to the situation  before you know it . You have jumped off the cliff into the unknown without a parachute !!!

This is not about blaming others , I believe we create the reality we live in from our thoughts, beliefs and how we see the world and everyone in it. I also think sometimes we get caught in a looping pattern and get stuck, having the same situations keep coming up in different areas, relationships of our lives. If you look at it internally I think you will see what about yourself needs healing. Where you will find the solution to break the pattern.


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When do we stop letting ourselves be manipulated, stomped on, taken advantage of, lied to or about ?  When we finally see the value in our selves . The same value we see in others. When we put our foot down and say enough is enough. I’m not going to be treated like this I DESERVE BETTER than that. I DESERVE the same respect I give others.When you are ready to stop following the masses of society & the way things have always been done. Start being unique, valuing yourself, schedule me time just like you would do for others.

Only you will know the right time , way for you in any and all situations. No one else can say when or how that should be.Change is inevitable , everything changes ,  as we get older , seasons. As we change so does everything around us , or at the very least our perception of it.

Trust what your inner guidance is telling you. Once you decide to take that stand for yourself. Step forward into your authentic self , take back your power, move fearlessly through any doubts , obstacles that your ego mind tries to throw up at you. Take your stand that you are worthy and deserving demand it for yourself of yourself let nothing hold you back.

Once you have taken your stand , believe it, set your boundaries showing your worth. Boundaries are the same as setting intentions example { I only allow people who respect , appreciate , and value me as much as I do them into my life . All who doesn’t { respect or treat you well } wish them a good life and success to simple fade away.  You might be amazed at how well this works. In my own personal life I have had many people just  fade away, loose touch with them, and some just walked away. I wish them all well but have to look at it as a blessing in disguise.Where do we go from here ?

Staying calm in the face of the unknown. Trusting and having faith that where you are being guided to is exactly what you have been looking for. Take time to figure out next step, enjoying the freedom of being free of drama and the stress. It’s the simple  things in life and having a grateful attitude that will center you and bring you peace in the midst of chaos of everyday life.

You have now taken a big step in healing yourself and your life . Opening yourself up to limitless possibilities of healing,growth, joy and prosperity.



Just People, Seeing the Oneness in Others

Children have no fear and instantly know who to trust. Children are kind, loving, curious and openly adventurous. They have a genuine love for everyone and everything.  Somewhere along the way of growing up we loose sight or understanding of the truth. As adults, we get so clouded in what we see and what we can’t that we miss all the signs all around us.

We are all one and connected, no matter how diverse we might be on the outside, we are the same on the inside.  What happened to that curiosity and sense of adventure in opening up to trying new things, food, new ways, new ideas, cultures, and getting to know new people ? We are all one of these if not all to someone sisters,brothers,daughters, sons, mothers, fathers. As adults we are always looking at everything with tunnel vision, distracted in our daily lives and responsibilities. By becoming adults with responsibilities did we loose our open heartedness, love for everything?

As adults we are teaching, shaping, and molding the  children of tomorrow from what we learned from the generations before us their ideas, mannerisms, morals and teachings.  Instead maybe we should be learning from our children. How to interact , make friends, with kindness, compassion for others, not judging others because of their clothes or how they dress, religion, or ethnic background.

My lesson the other day —- I was driving the other day in traffic surrounded by lots of distracted drivers. Everywhere I looked people texting and talking on their phones, reaching in the backseat while speeding down the road, etc. I’m sure all of us has seen something  that makes you shake your head, slow down to get away from that driver or maybe  even speed  a little faster to get away from a situation that you see “as a accident waiting to happen” scenario. While driving I was starting to get angry and frustrated after being cut off twice and nearly sideswiped, rear-ended. That when I got cut off to the point I had to slam on the brakes to keep from getting clipped I yelled out “idiot”.  My 4 yr old in the backseat who had been so quiet said ” Mom they are just people not idiots Just People!! ”  That made me take a step back and look  at how easily we get caught up in ourselves, and life’s distractions, tunnel visions of all about us, passing judgement of others that are simply doing the same thing we are with their distracted lives.

This lesson really showed me what we see on the outside.  others that bother us the things they say, or do. Is only a reflection of our own inner healing needed, the chaos inside if we haven’t done the inner work to heal ,let go

We forget the simplicity of life. Treating others they way we want to be treated. With Kindness, Compassion, Understanding, Respect and Love. Next time you feel that feeling of frustration, anger at something  someone else has done, take a minute to ask yourself. Why am I feeling this ? What is showing itself that I need to heal?



Imagine the Possibilities

Have you ever wanted to visit locations around the world. Dream of traveling the world, seeing new places, going on big exciting adventures. I think we all daydream at times, but { what if } you can see new places and not physically go there. Imagine what it would be like? How it would feel ? What wondrous things would you see ?  I’ve always been an avid reader as a child I’d get so engrossed in whatever book I was reading it was like I was living that adventure.
I had heard the words remote viewing but honestly really didn’t know what it meant, how to do it, or thought much about it until after I had this experience.
I was sitting  at my desk one evening doing some paperwork for my business . When I guess my mind decided to take a trip and I was along for the ride . The next thing I knew, I was standing in a field, I could smell grass, hay. I was on a farm standing face to face with a beautiful mare named Indie that had the kindest eyes I’ve ever seen. I had not consciously planned or thought about connecting, communicating with an animal. I could feel a gentle breeze on my skin , feel the heat from her body, muscles, hair and mane as I rubbed her neck. Indie touched her head directly to my head almost like you would to a loved one. I could feel a gentleness about her and feelings of love radiating from her. As I asked her respectfully to communicate with me.There are many ways of connecting and communicating but I’m a firm believer in being respectful and asking the animals permission is just as important as the permission of their human companions.  We talked for a few minutes, I started getting excited by all the different sensations I was feeling. The next thing I knew I was back at my desk. It was the most amazing experience and the first time I traveled somewhere else like that.

I’ve wondered about that experience a few times wasn’t sure what to call it. In my research to figure out what I had done. I started reading up about remote viewing
What is Remote Viewing ?
Remote viewing (RV) is the practice of seeking impressions about a distant or unseen target, purportedly using extrasensory perception (ESP) or “sensing” with the mind. … Remote viewing – Wikipedia
I found an article on remote viewing at http://www.irva.org/remote-viewing/definition.html
 this is copied from some of their studies
  • Unlike most other psi disciplines, remote viewing is not precisely one thing, but rather an integrated “cocktail” of various phenomena. Despite the “viewing” part of the term, remote viewing is only partly about experiences associated with what might be visible about a target. It also involves mental impressions pertaining to the other senses, such as sounds, tastes, smells, and textures, as well as limited telepathy-like effects, and in some cases just plain intuitive “knowing.” RV owes some of these qualities to the fact that lessons learned from research in clairvoyance, telepathy, and even out-of-body experiences — traditionally considered separate disciplines — played a role in its development.
  • In remote viewing, the viewer not only verbalizes what he or she is perceiving, but usually also records in writing, in sketches, and sometimes even in three-dimensional modeling the results of the remote viewing episode, or “session.”
Anything is possible if you believe in it, trust yourself ,open your mind and imagination. Dream of the possiblities and explore. Try it and see what amazing  adventure you might experience. What can it hurt?
I know you can do it.  Just open your mind to just trying it, you might be amazed. One thing I’ve learned is don’t put a lot of thought into it just believe and everything seems to flow much easier. In learning Reiki energy work one of the first things I was taught you are only limited by your own imagination.


New Beginnings

As I go on my journey to finding joy and happiness in life,    You will see I write a lot about my dad he was and still is a constant inspiration of love, joy and happiness for me. I find myself going back to moments in my life that bring me the greatest joy. I spent my entire life hearing a story that still makes me all giddy inside overflowing with love. In May of 1970, I was born to a very young couple that didn’t stay together very long. By late 1971 mom and I were living on our own in a small town in North Fl where everyone knows everyone and all their business. I know it had to be hard for her in that time era not counting the small town mentality, gossip, etc. Most in this small town go back three or four generations; you can imagine how it must have been. This man came over one evening to visit and just chill with friends he had recently come home from Vietnam where he had lost a lot of friends, squadron. I only know how to tell it in his words. { He was sitting on the floor, listening to music with a little girl running around that asked her mom for water. The little girl got her glass of water and climbed on the couch behind the man and poured all the water over his head. From that moment on the man said: ” I fell in love with you {me } and had to marry the lady to get the little girl” }. By 72 they had married, bought a house, and the man adopted his little girl, two years later a son was born. Over the next 40 years,  they went through many challenges children growing up, divorce. Dad getting remarried to someone else. Things change, life changes but some things stay buried inside our hearts until it needs to flow out.  We all have joyful moments, go through heartaches, challenges we must face. As I’m sometimes learning it isn’t about the actual event but how you deal, get through, and you are afterward that matter. What do you take, learn from it? After my dad died in 2013, there was so much grief. I desperately wanted to connect with him see, feel, hear his voice, anything that would bring me closer to him. One of his favorite places that my mom could remember was the home my brother, and I grew up in.  Just this year due to unforeseen circumstances my mom wasn’t able to keep the house I was raised in. The last few months has been busy trying to get everything in place for her to move. It had started bothering me about the house I feel him so strongly when I’m there, part of me was afraid he was upset. All her things had to be moved out by the middle of March for the last two weeks I spent some time there packing, moving, it was an emotional rollercoaster ride. A week before the big move day, I went by to pick up some items I was keeping. I went inside to get the items when I came outside to load there was a beautiful hawk on my  SUV. I was so stunned just looking at it as it was watching me. In 43 years I have never seen one at the house much less up that close and personal. I started talking to the hawk trying to get closer to take a picture. I got within 4 to 5 feet from hawk it just stared at me and allowed me to photograph it then it flew off. In between my trips back and forth, the hawk was there each time like it was waiting for me. When I got home that evening, I started googling to find out what kind, meaning, etc. Came across a picture of a Coopers Hawk that stunned me, We were at The Coopers House that is my maiden name. I knew it had special meaning to see one but for me, it was extremely significant with double meaning. I had a training session for healing that same week. My teacher saw the hawk even described some of the things it did that I told no one about. Was told I would see the bird again. The following Monday was the last day at the house, and silently I had been asking my dad and God for signs that it was ok. As soon as we got the last load on the trailer, I was standing in the yard on the phone with my brother. All of a sudden the Hawk flew through my mom’s yard screeching like crazy. Started circling over my head everyone thought I was nuts when I told them about the first encounter with the hawk, but mom, hubby, they all got to see it. Once I stopped talking to my brother and started paying attention to the Hawk staring at it just disappeared. My first thoughts were New Beginnings, Find the Blessing, Out with the Old, In with the New.  Since then I’ve heard one occasionally around my house.

Stop feeding The Wrong One

How did we get to this?   What is going on with the world today? No matter where you look there is violence, hatred , suffering . rudeness, selfishness. The world we live in has changed so much and only seems to be getting worse. I do believe we all are entitled to freedom of speech, our opinions but it is going way beyond being civilized, voicing our views.

Look at it this way, you have a Wolf on left  side that is loving, kind, full of positive energy, good vibes and you have a Wolf on your right side full of chaos, anger, hatred, jealously,violence.  Which one do you think is going to be the strongest ? The one you feed the most.   We all need to stop feeding the wrong one !!!!!!!!!!


I can remember a time when it was safe for children to play outside, or walk down to the store, neighbors helped each other, didn’t have to lock your doors. I’m from a small town. I grew up where everyone knew everyone and yes there were advantages and disadvantages to this. Like being a teenager, skipping school you had better go hide in the woods cause if anyone in town saw you.  Trust me you were in trouble!!! You were lucky  if only your parents disciplined you, there were a few incidents were I got disciplined from parents friends , principle, etc  then they would call my parents then I got a second dose of punishment. The thing I loved most was the closeness of the community. We all { the entire town } went to the football games even out of town ones to support ” our kids ” as any of them would say  even when they didn’t have any of their own kids playing sports.  We had hometown parades, everyone in town showed up for, bake sales In those times being a kid was exciting full of life and adventure. The old saying ” It takes a Village to raise a Child ” mentality I believe is very true and is needed back in the world today.

The way things are today scares me for my youngest son and all he  will face in life. He has such a friendly personality waves and has to say “Hi ” to everyone he sees. I love seeing the looks on peoples faces when my son speaks to them. You can see a spark in their eyes, a smile on there face that clearly says he has brightened their day. On one occasion I was out shopping and my son started saying hi to someone, he kept getting louder and louder until they spoke to him. I was embarrassed at him getting so loud and shushing him, this man walked up and shook his hand. As I stood there apologizing to the man for my sons outburst. I noticed the mans eyes tearing up as he carried on a conversation with my son{  name, age, favorite toy}. They said their goodbyes and as we turned to walk away that gentleman turned back around and thanked us for talking with him he needed it today. He handed my son $10.00 and said buy your favorite truck, I immediately started telling my son to give it back. When the man told me today was his grandson Jaime’s birthday, that his grandson had recently passed away, he had been wondering through the store thinking of his grandson when my son{ Jaime } started hollering at him. He believed it was a sign from his grandson.

Sometimes it is hard explaining to his 4 year old mind why someone wouldn’t say hello to him, you can see it upsets him so much. He has such a loving heart and sees the beauty in this world far beyond what a 4 year old should see. In so many ways he reminds me of my dad, with the way he acts, things he says. It is amazing to me how can one take after someone they never really  got to know? My dad passed when my son was only 7 weeks old. I guess in a very unique way my son does have a village helping raise him at least in spirit.

There are so many people children and adults out there that needs just one person to see the beauty and potential in them, to show them a better way of life full of love, kindness.   As I’m writing this there is one phrase that keeps coming to mind . ” Be the change you want to see in the world”. It only takes one to create a new way.  You see someone who needs help take minute to help them and you will brighten their day, you never know how much of an impact that simple act can have on someone’s life.